Liquid Democracy

Objective: "Liquid Democracy is an innovative concept for liquefying rigid structures that limit our democracy. And Liquid Democracy is us: a non-profit association from Berlin dedicated to the further development and application of this idea. We work to make democratic processes better on a large and small scale. And for us, better means above all: more participatory, more transparent and more equal.

We are convinced that the system of representative democracy should allow more direct participation. That's why we develop the free participation software "Adhocracy", which makes it easy to put digital democracy into practice. And we help organizations, initiatives and administrations to implement digital participation processes: by sharing our many years of experience in workshops and consulting services. Because effective digital democracy is more than just digital tools. It needs real opportunities for participation, the activation of participants, and a link to analog events and workshops ("

In Liquid Democracy citizens are given the chance to directly co-decide on an issue or delegate their vote to a representative they deem competent to decide for them.

Participation level Target groups Number of participants Duration/Timeline Implementation Frequency Budget
Collaboration Any More than 300 Any Virtual event Any Low
Needed skills:
Organizational requirements:
  • Education about the topic before the actual activity taking place
  • Education about the procedure of the activity before the actual activity taking place
  • Project management/Event organization